Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Strangers and Sex

                                         Sometimes, Sex  With a Stranger Just Feels  Good

I've had sex with many men over the last ten-years (now almost eleven-years).  Some were friends first before I took them into bed with me.  Others were acquaintances that I knew a little about but wouldn't be classified as a friend, but I still knew about them.  Then others were strangers.  I mean absolute, complete strangers.  Those are the most alluring to me, yet can be the most dangerous.  At least with a friend or acquaintance you know a little bit about them and can see how they live their life.  It's no secret that the men who are allowed to have bareback sex with me are in the friend category and don't have many other sexual partners (usually they have only their wife/girlfriend).  Not so with a stranger, which is what gives it the excitement.  You don't know what you are going to get.

I've been very lucky with meeting up with strangers.   But that luck is somewhat helped by my vetting process.  I always talk to them over the phone first and make sure I get updated photographs from them via their cell phone camera.  I do this by having them hold up a piece of paper next to them with a random phrase I give them and  the date so I will know that it is a new photograph.  During our conversation I listen for warning signs or anything that doesn't sound right.  If you keep them on the phone long enough alot of men will reveal small tidbits or traits about themselves.  Any inconsistencies, lies, or extreme fetishes and you fail and are on my black list forever. 

I had one guy who seemed to be fine and I was about to take the next step and arrange a meeting with him when he let slip something about wanting to do something sexual to children and asked if my two daughters were involved in the lifestyle.  Well that is a brick wall as far as I'm concerned and if you are entertaining any sexual thoughts about children(even my own!) then I don't want to be around you at all.

Another man kept asking me about "water sports" a few years ago.  I didn't know what he meant.  I actually thought he was asking if I liked to water ski or somethings.  Thankfully I had my computer next to me and I looked it up and realized that he was asking if he could urinate and defecate onto me during sex.  Well needless to say I didn't pursue the conversation any further.  I'm very straight laced when it comes to sex.  I want kissing, foreplay and intercourse.   For me going bareback is about the only kinky thing I might do (and I don't do it often).

Still another time a man's profile on a web site looked great and the pictures he provided were all right.  When I talked to him on the phone he was reluctant to send his photograph.  When I insisted he send me what I wanted but some close-up photographs of his manhood and a far away picture of him sitting behind a table.  I knew he was hiding something (the two photographs of the penis didn't even look the same) and I didn't communicate with him any more.  When he asked for a reason in an email I told him that he didn't follow my rules and you only get one chance with me.  Mess up the initial contact and you are gone baby.

Sometimes when talking on the phone, the man may say all the right things but there is just something about either his voice or mannerism that puts me off.  That leads to a short conversation also.

What I'm trying to say is that thought I love the thrill of sex with a stranger, I'm also very careful at the same time.  I've actually found that the best stranger sex is when you "accidentally" meet a business man at an upscale hotel in the lobby or bar area and allow yourself to be seduced.  Most have all turned out to be wonderful encounters for me because you have the added layer of security of this being an upscale hotel, a highly educated man in town on a trip who is usually married (but I never ask)  who only wants to have a one night stand.  In fact my very first sexual encounter, when my husband and I started our journey was with a man in a hotel I had met in the lobby/bar area.

But why is sex with strangers so different from the sex with friends or acquaintances?  I suppose it's the unknown.  You don't know what you are going to get.  The man might be an absolute dude who can barely perform and cries afterwards  to a sexual Hercules that takes your breath away.  Most fall between the two extremes and I usually find myself enjoying the encounter immensely.  Even with the men that are just plain awful  (and cry afterwards), the element of the unknown still makes it a little bit exciting.

Thankfully I enjoy the act of intercourse almost as much as having an orgasm, so the "crying men" can still get me going as long as they can "stick it inside me."  Even if they can't get an erection they will usually at least give me oral sex which makes up for their lack of performance.  However, I don't feel like the sexual act is completed  until the man is inside of me and his sperm gets released (inside a condom of course).

That doesn't happen often as most men I meet in the upscale hotel can do their duty for "Queen and Country" with the best of them.  I often wonder  out of all the strangers I've met in a hotel if  ever one of them might be a spy like James Bond. If I did happen to encounter one as handsome as Sean Connery, I would have told him everything about accounting and book keeping techniques in our after talk sex and then asked him to "do it to me one more time James."

Sex with my husband is on one level.  Sex with good, trusted friends is on another level.  Acquaintances still another.  But sex with a stranger is on that dangerous level which is probably what gives me that extra bit of "high."  I suppose I do treat it like candy.  I'm always willing to meet new men but the journey to my bed is not that easy if you're a stranger.  Make it past the series of tests and challenges and you won't be disappointed.  Better yet, be a highly educated business man on a trip to Houston staying in an upscale hotel and your chances have just gone sky high.  If you are one of those business men and you are ever in Houston and see me at the bar drinking a glass of white wine by myself, come up and make your acquaintance.  I'd love to get to know you. 


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