Friday, December 21, 2012

The Anticipation Before Entry is a Wonderful Moment

                                      The Anticipation Before Entry Is A Wonderful Moment

I love the feeling of a penis when the head is slowly being pushed inside of me.  The stretching of the vagina lips gives me great pleasure plus I love the feeling of being filled up by the man.  And when he is inside of me all the way, I'm in heaven. 

I normally have an orgasm when I have sex.  Sometimes it is by oral sex, sometimes it is by clitoris stimulation by the hand, and sometimes it is by a penis alone moving inside of me.  I love it all, but especially the orgasm by penis alone.  But that being said, I love intercourse and if I had a choice of having an orgasm with hand stimulation or plain intercourse for an hour without an orgasm, I'd chose the intercourse everytime.

Don't get me wrong.  I love having orgasms and I normally achieve one or two every time I have sex.  It's just that I think men underestimate the power of intercourse.  It's especially true with my husband.  I love to be held and dominated by him.  I love to be covered in his hairy body as he lies on top of me thrusting.  I love the feeling of his penis moving in and out of my vagina.  I love the feeling of being "one flesh" with the man I love.  Finally, I love to be filled with my husband's sperm.

I get this feeling with others I've been with but not as powerful as with my husband.  With other men I really concentrate on having an orgasm and of course most of the men are wearing condoms, so I can't experience the pleasure of being flooded with their sperm, which is a real turn on for me and normally will take me over the edge if I'm close to an orgasm when he comes inside of me.  But that is life and I must protect myself. 

But I write this because tonight I'm meeting with a man that is a close friend and who is one of the few that doesn't have to use a condom.  My husband is going to make himself scarce in the upstairs bedroom and let me meet with this man by myself and I'm looking forward to having my belly filled up with sperm tonight.  I'll let you know how it went in my next posting.